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Family Farm Puppy Pals Puppies For Sale In PA

Puppies for sale in pA For over 30 years

We love our dogs here at Family Farm Puppy Pals. Every puppy is fed and cared for well. Each puppy gets all their shots and gets checked by our vet before finding their forever homes. John has been raising and caring for dogs for over 30 years. It’s hard to remember a time in our life when we didn’t have puppies in our home. Raising the litters here in beautiful Lancaster County, Pennsylvania is wonderful. The dogs grow up on our family farm and have access to 100 acres of farmland where they get plenty of exercise and play.

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Family, Faith, Furry Friends

We love being a family of dog breeders because we get to do it together. We build strong relationships with our dogs and their pups. We’re able to teach our children the importance of responsibility through caring for their dogs and puppies. Our puppies are well socialized and adjusted by the time they leave us because they grow and develop around our family and the other dogs.

We are a Christian family and want to do our part by sharing the love of Christ with others. We want to be a blessing to others the way we have been richly blessed by God. My wife Katie and I grew up on dairy farms and at very young ages we learned the value of hard work. We are doing our best to pass on the value of hard work and responsibility to our 5 boys.

Growing up on farms also taught Katie and me to appreciate animals of all kinds. Our love for animals is something that we have passed on to our boys through caring for their dogs and raising puppies. We believe that if we can teach our boys how to care for their dogs it will teach them how to care for families of their own someday.

We love our puppy moms so much!

We have 2 F1 Golden Doodles, a Mini Golden Doodle, 2 Russian Samoyeds, and a purebred Golden Retriever.

Our F1 Goldendoodle Moms, Ruby and Mercedes, are bred to a purebred poodle which makes their puppies F1b Goldendoodles.

Elsa, our Mini Goldendoodle, is bred with a purebred poodle as well which means her puppies are F1b mini goldendoodles.

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Hard work, Healthy Puppies, Happy Customers

With 6 people and 6 dogs in the family (and lots of puppies), it can get busy around here! But we love the hard work it takes to raise healthy puppies and help people find their new furry family members. If you want to find out how many puppies we have available right now just give us a call today or fill out a contact form and we will be in touch.

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