Dog Breeder Reviews
From Our Happy Customers

Our customers are the best! It makes us incredibly happy to find the right people for each of our puppies. We love seeing happy puppies and happy customers.
dog breeders in pa happy goldendoodle puppy
We’re so grateful for our amazing customers willing to share their happiness with us! We work hard to be reliable puppy breeders and we’re thrilled to share these amazing dog breeder reviews from our Facebook page.
Finding the right family for each of our puppies is hard work but as dedicated puppy breeders in PA we read dog breeder reviews like these over and over because the happiness of our customers keeps us going. We’re grateful to each of these families for letting us help them find their new best friends.

We loved working with the Lapp family to get our doodle Gus Gus!

Megan Kathleen Britton

We got our doodle, Ginger, from the Lapp family and she is wonderful! The Lapps are terrific honest people

RC Llewellyn

Great puppies and a very honest and straight forward breeder. I would highly recommend the Lapp family.

David Spencer

We got our dog from the Lapp Family a year ago.

Alison Lebed Saylor

Sasha is now 6 months and bring great joy with her energy and personality. She got her 1st pampering at the dog groomers today

Florence Albeser Davis

We’ve had Oshie for almost 3 weeks now. He is the sweetest dog! He has picked up on training quickly and has learned so much already!

Mariah Shilhan

We have a Golden from the Lapps and he’s the best dog ever! He just turned 2 this month and he is amazing…. has been since the day we brought him home!

Antonia Connor

We are so happy with the our little baby fluff ball. She is so playful and loving. Vet gave her an A+ on her first visit. The Laap family are great and you can tell they truly care for each dog, it shows. You absolutely can trust them! We are over the moon!!!

Laura Ann

We brought home our mini about a month ago and she is perfect! I highly recommend working with the Lapp Family!

Jaclyn Rudnicki

We are so happy we found the “Lapp Family Golden Doodles” page. Ruby is the sweetest pup and she has already brought so much joy to our family. She was well cared for prior to us getting her and has an adorable, agreeable, playful, and loving disposition. I would definitely recommend this breeder.

Jessica Hinkaty Piccarillo